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Well, aren’t you curious? That’s a rare and positive trait — good on ya!
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Problem-solving is approached through a process of research, development, discovery and refinement—to best understand client, audience and the dynamic between. While all clients, audiences and organizations are unique, problem-solving is a constant and consistent process. This is our approach:

  • Research—it all starts here. From your history, mission and differentiators to your audiences and competitors. Have you done a communications audit? A client/member needs assessment? We can help.

    We’ll scale the approach to suit your organization, your budget and your goals.

  • Einstein once said, “If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I’d spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and five minutes finding the solution.” We promise to never spend 91.6% of your project time defining the project, though this is a point well taken.

    Who is your audience? What are their needs? What do you offer? Why is it unique? Let’s define the transaction.

  • Now we know the WHO and the WHAT, let’s shape the HOW. We’ll find solution paths at the intersection of your proposition and their values.

  • The aforementioned “sweet spot” — where the magic happens! In the overlap of research and knowledge—the pitch and the purpose—insights are revealed. We will explore, expand and develop, then refine.

  • Whether we launch a comprehensive campaign, release a brand identity, drop key messages or just reach out and touch your audience—the process is always scaled to your needs. And the questions remain the same:

    Where are you at, right now, and more importantly … where do you need to be?